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HS Paint-Waterproof Project
Posted on Thursday, June 12 @ 19:16:02 CDT (13 reads)

Aug 04, 2014

Dear Homeowner &/or Resident

PROJECT UPDATE!! We are well underway in the very huge project. The Pressure Washing, Patio/Balcony/Landing Repairs, Painting, & Balcony/Landing Waterproofing/Sealing Project has been underway since end of May. The Buildings 590, 575, 605, 610, 615, 620, 622, 624, 625, 626, 630 have been completed. Thank you to all who have already cleared their Patios/Balconies/Landings for the project to continue without delays. The waterproofing has been completed on 509; 575; 605, 610, 615, 620, 622, 624, 625, 626, 630, 633, 637, 645 . The prep for waterproofing has been completed except for a few balconies with enclosure so if your balcony or landing was missed please call the office. The repairs on some of the patios/balconies/landings is underway, an engineer and permitting needed to be completed prior to starting, notices will be placed on doors prior to repair.

We continue to need a lot of help from each of you. For those building not completed yet we will need your patio/balcony/landings completely cleared off for a minimum of two weeks to complete this project. Starting now would be beneficial so that your date does not sneak up on you. If you have a screened in Patio we ask that you leave the screen open for access. If you own an upstairs Balcony that is enclosed we will need access through your condo to Pressure Wash, Waterproof & Paint. Please make sure that we have a key or someone will be available during your scheduled time.

The original notice posting has been completed. Please make sure that your personal items are off the patio/balcony/landings so that the project is not held up and get off schedule. At the end of the painting process your door will need to be painted (See schedule for amount of days for each building. We will need your availability to complete this task. You need to be available so that the painters can paint your door & frame. The door will need to be left open for the drying period which is approx. 1 hour. A notice will be placed on your door for you to call the office for scheduled appointment of availability or you can just mention to the painters that you are going to be home and if they could complete for you. If you will not be available during this time period please understanding that we will come back at the end of the project and complete those doors that were missed.

It is imperative that ALL your personal belongings be removed from your patio/balcony/landings. Hidden Springs, All About Management and all hired vendors will not be responsible for any damaged personal belongings. If anything is left in the way it will be removed so that the project can continue without delays.

We started at the front of the community and working the way back. This project started 5/20/14 and the complete project from start to finish will take approximately three/four months with probable weather delays. During the time your building is in the process it is recommended that you park your vehicle away from the building.

There is a schedule & map posted on the bulletin boards, website or front entrance as the project progresses and you will be notified of the date your building will be undergoing the project so you can get your patio completely cleared for that start date.

Click here for the schedule.

Have a blessed day! Thank You,

Charlene T. Martin
407-862-3140 / Fax 407-862-8727

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