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Backflow Testing - Update
Posted on Wednesday, April 19 @ 16:54:34 EDT (6 reads)
News Residents

Annual Backflow testing is done for today.

The testing will continue Friday 9:00am
The water will be off for a brief time (not more than 15 minutes) for
Bldgs 634, 637, 660, 670, 685, 695, 696, 705, 709, 713

To complete and we will be completed for another year.

Thank you again for your patience.
Hidden Springs Staff
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Backflow Valve Testing
Posted on Wednesday, April 19 @ 13:39:33 EDT (6 reads)
News Residents

The Annual Backflow Valves are being tested today.

The water will be off for a brief time (not more than 15 minutes).

Thank you for your patience.
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Office Closed
Posted on Tuesday, February 21 @ 14:04:25 EST (22 reads)
News The onsite office will be closed Wednesday-Friday. I am at attending an annual association training conference. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at and I will answer during the evening hours. I will be directing maintenance if needed by text message. If you have an emergency please call the emergency line. You are welcome to call the corporate office if need maintenance immediately.

Thank You,
Office Staff
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Posted on Tuesday, February 07 @ 17:39:15 EST (27 reads)
News Residents

The landscaping company has had an emergency they have to deal with tomorrow so they will not be on property until Thursday.

Sorry for the inconvenience

HS Staff
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HS Main Water Leak
Posted on Saturday, February 04 @ 20:13:37 EST (25 reads)
News The community has a main water leak at entrance by Bldg 575. The plumbers will be onsite and repairing the leak starting tomorrow morning at 10:30am. Water will be turned off to the community to make this repair. There is no ETA of when water will be turned back on at this time until they arrive and estimate the damage. We will let you know as soon as possible and keep the emergency lines updated.

Please make arrangements to be without water remainder of day just in case.

Please advise your property managers or residents.

Sorry for the inconvienance

Hidden Springs Staff
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