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Please DO NOT Drop off ANYTHING at compactor other than trash.  For furniture pick up please contact office (407) 862-3140 and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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See Suspicious Activity in Your Community…
Posted on Friday, November 10 @ 17:49:41 EST (1 reads)
Books, Documents and Text Wondering what you need to do if you see suspicious activity? For immediately action, please call Altamonte Springs Police non-emergency number at 407-339-2441 and report the activity. They have been given the authorization to take the legal action required if they receive a call. They will respond to our community’s needs as they too want our community to be safe!

Feel free to contact the onsite office by calling or emailing us that you have report an incident and the Association will be glad to follow up on the situation. Again, be sure to participate in helping to keep our community an enjoyable place to live.
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Large Trash Items
Posted on Wednesday, October 04 @ 10:53:39 EDT (8 reads)
News Residents,

Please be aware that over the past few months we have seen a large amount of furniture and other large household items being left next to the trash compactor for trash pick up. Our community does not offer large item trash pick up and the service call required to remove the items are at an extra expense to the association. Hidden Springs Rules and Regulations clearly states this and also states that trash removal of this type will be charge to the unit owners who violate this rule.

We have been reviewing the security footage from this past weekend and will be sending out notices to the unit owners who have violated this Rule and Regulation.

Should you need to remove items like this from your unit we ask that you either please call a junk removal company or dispose of the items to the nearest local landfill, here is the address for the closet landfill:

2613 McQueen Rd.
Apopka, FL 32703

Also as a resident, should you see someone illegally dumping items near the compactor or anywhere else in the community please let the office know either by calling: 407-862-3140 or email: Your information will be completely anonymous, but please give us a description and tag of vehicle or persons with a date and time so we can go back a review the information quickly.

Thank you for everyone helping to keep our community clean and beautiful!

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Conklin/LCAM
Agent for Hidden Springs Condominiums
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Key and Insurance
Posted on Wednesday, September 27 @ 14:31:38 EDT (15 reads)

Dear Owners;

We have had many emergency situations in the past year due to storms and water leaks resonating from upstairs units and affecting the units below. Some of leaks were due to: AC unit overflow drain blockage which was not cleaned out in a timely manner causing flooding in adjoining units and walls, plumbing leaks from pipes in the internal walls and external that were not monitored and repaired in a timely manner causing damage to multiple units, the unfortunate passing of owners and not having access to their condo. These occurrences are beyond the control of the owners and association, as a result the Association is requiring these two items:

  1. That all Condominium Owners must have adequate insurance and provide proof of condo unit insurance
  2. A copy of your condo keys must be provided to the on-site office.  

Pursuant to Florida Condominium Act, Section 718.111(5) (see below), the Association has the authority to enter a unit to make emergency repairs.  The Association needs keys to enter the unit to protect the buildings and the association and minimize damages as much as possible.  During a possible leak the Association will remediate a situation that may be impacting another unit, such as running water.  Access is not for the convenience of a unit resident who is locked out.  If the Association is entrusted with keys to the unit, the keys will be secured in a lock-box.

Section 718.111(5), Florida Statues, states, “the Association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable hours, when necessary for maintenance, repair or replacement of any common elements or of any portion of a unit to be maintained by the Association pursuant to the Declaration or as necessary to prevent damage to the common elements or to a unit or units” 

In an emergency situation, if a key is not provided, the Association, may enter a unit with the assistance of a locksmith.  The failure to provide a key may result in the Unit Owner being assessed for the cost of a locksmith. The association is authorized to assess the unit owner for entry costs. 

You have ten (10) days to comply with this request and supply the Association with proof of insurance and a condominium unit key.   If not received a violation can be sent which can lead to a fine.

If the condominium unit owner chooses to lease out their unit, and lives out of town, the Association recommends hiring a management company.  There are many management companies in the Orlando area that can assist you with your needs.

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Conklin, LCAM
Agent for the Association
All About Management, Inc.

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Posted on Friday, September 08 @ 14:12:42 EDT (17 reads)
News Reminder!

Please make sure that all items are taken in and stored during he storm. All Patios and Balconies should be clear of all items to avoid any damage to your home and community. Please put exterior boarding on the interior of your windows and doors as we do not allow any exterior boarding on the buildings.

Thank you and Stay Safe!
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Offices Closed
Posted on Friday, September 08 @ 10:10:36 EDT (16 reads)
News Dear Residents,

The Offices of Hidden Springs and All About Management are closing Friday, September 8, 2017 at 3:00PM for Hurricane Irma. We will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

Power and cell phone outages during and after the storm may make the management company temporarily unavailable to you via phone or email. Regardless, All About Management personnel will be on-site at your community as soon as safety allows to immediately commence cleanup to allow ingress and egress throughout the community as our initial priority after the passage of the worst of the storm.

Thank you and be safe!
The Staff of Hidden Springs Condominiums and All About Management
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